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Professional Upholstery Cleaning


                                                                 Sofas are the first thing that our guest see ! Our guest                                                                   can also see all those stains and spots, which are super                                                                  embarrassing. Some upholstery can be sensitive to                                                                       chemicals "over the counter" . Some Chemicals may                                                                       damage or even make things worse.

In order for you to keep life in your expensive favorite couch, you need proper upholstery cleaning. At Xtreme Carpet Cleaning we have experienced technicians that will handle your upholstery with Xtreme Care ! Our technicians can handle anything like sofas, drapes, natural fibers, ect.

Our Professional upholstery cleaning technicians will inspect your upholstery to ensure what kind of service is safe and convenient for your upholstery. Once our professional technicians decides what kind of services is safe , he will do a small test to ensure no damage willl occur. We will ensure not to transmit dirt, dust, or mold into your carpet or flooring.

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      PROFESSIONAL Upholstery cleaning