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 Scotch Guard is used after a deep cleaning in order to protect carpet from everyday soil, liquid spills, and stains. Scotch Guard is used to maintain stains above the surface instead of penetrating deep into your carpet, so that next time we clean your carpet or upholstery it will make our job easier. For example, if you accidentally spill coffee either on your carpet or your upholstery the stain will stay on top of the carpet and not leek down, NOT leaving a permanent stain. Scotch Guard is a titanium based solution that leaves carpet or upholstery smooth, soft, and over all protects it. The technology used in Scotch Guard allows the carpet to breath. This is not a  taffron based product.


      At Xtreme Carpet Cleaning we will apply Scotch Guard 2 times, once horizontally and then again vertically to ensure protection.

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