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Have you ever bought Carpet Deoderizers at the market that only makes the carpet smell worse or only covers the smell temporaraly ? Stop waisting your time and money and get rid of the oder completly by calling Xtreme Carpet Cleaning. Our carpet cleaning technician experts are fully trained to get rid of any bad smells in your house.

"Xtreme Carpet Cleaning will make your house fresh clean and

also will deoderize and sanitize your carpets"

We count with high technology steamers that will also sanitize the carpet.

 Because our Carpet Cleaning equipment  heats the water up to 220

degrees killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria that's stays in your carpet

and upholstery. So that way your house will stay cleaner, fresher,and


xtreme services

Deodorize and sanitation

call xtreme carpet cleaning to make your house cleaner, fresher and healthier  at the number below!