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   Professional Carpet Cleaning


​​Do not wait until your carpet visibly needs to be                                                                            cleaned. A Professional Carpet Cleaning routine,                                                                                     deep clean, is a crucial part of maintaining and                                                                           carrying for carpet of all the kind. As Professional                                                                       Carpet Cleaners, we understand the importance                                                                                   of regular deep carpet cleanings whether you opt for                                                                            steam cleaning, dry cleaning, or anti-microbial                                                                        cleaning,  XTREME CARPET CLEANING will remove                                                                          dirt, dust, and other debris to render your carpet                                                                               as good as new! Our Professional Cleaners only use Green Products, so you can be worry free.

                                                               Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Technicians only use Green                                                                      Products,whether your carpeting is made out of natural fibers                                                                      such as wool or synthetic fibers XTREME CARPET CLEANING can                                                                 deep clean it safety and effectively.

​                                                               ​Regardless of the size, color, pile height, or other characteristics                                                                  of your carpet our Professional Carpet Cleaning Technicians are                                                                  talented and are ready to help!


  • Our affordable carpet cleaning take cleaning seriously! If your carpet has not been shampooed the time to act is now! Most carpets manufactures recommend deep cleaning every 2 to 3 years and XTREME CARPET CLEANING follows all manufactures recommendations to ensure superior results every time.